I have always been in love with plants.  When the situation became obsessive - (picture: me in freezing conditions, trying to dig the veg plot or me, in dressing gown up a ladder watering the greenhouse, or me, arms full of roses and sweet peas taking over the house with flower arrangements) - I decided I needed a reason to justify why I wanted to be outside for 90% of my free time!  I needed a reason to explain to other people why some of my happiest times are hours pottering among the pots, and dibbing, or weeding... so I started my fledgling business Twig and Fig.

Almost everything I do for Twig and Fig is done by hand, by me (and my long-suffering, oft-roped-in Husband).  The fruit is chosen, picked and washed by me and the jams and preserves are made to my own recipes, and packed by hand. Often much of the produce is also even grown by me or neighbours, or is the result of hedgerow foraging in the immediate locale.

I propagate many of my flowers from seed and cuttings and anyone who gardens will understand this is a labour of love.  

The results also speak for themselves.  Since we started trading last year we have had a lot of positive feedback and satisfied customers because it turns out you just can't buy Quince jelly or Elderflower & Gooseberry jam in the supermarket!  And sometimes you want a bunch of flowers which smells as good as it looks!

Twig & Fig are on a mission to bring back scented varieties which, for a number of reasons, do not seem to make their way to the end consumer.  Do you ever stick your nose in a supermarket bouquet at the checkout and wish it actually smelled fragrant?

The industrial scale and pressures of transporting blooms -sometimes hundreds of miles-  means producers have to breed and grow varieties tough enough to arrive in one piece; fragrance is often the collateral loss.

There is massive bio-diversity in the plant kingdom - Twig & Fig aims to offer as wide range as possible.  We also like to use fragrant leaves and herbs mixed with wild flowers you cannot find in conventional florists.

Would you like to see something different in your flower vase?  Can't find the old varieties?  Looking for an unusual colour?  We can help!

As we all become increasingly conscious of our carbon footprint, it seems more important than ever to source what we need as locally as possible.  

Not only does this support local communities, shops, and growers, and keeps money in the local economy...  but it often means we get fresher and more fragranced blooms - and produce which is in season.