Emerging from the dark

As I write on 9th February 2015 I am sitting looking out at a bright blue sky lit by lots of brilliant sunshine.  The light seems so strong because I suppose we've not had these kind of days through the winter - though it has been on the whole mild with only two days of real snowfall.

I was tramping about with frozen toes in my wellies reciting TS Eliot and 'a cold coming we had of it, just the worst time of year for a journey'... and John Donne's 'it is the earth's deep midnight, and the day's'... and almost as fast as we went into the dark, it seems we are now already emerging to the wonderful smells and sounds of spring! (I am very happy about it).

And then it is all about the bulbs I planted in October / November; and the Hellebores and Snowdrops' welcome appearances:

I'm pleased that all the onions and shallots I invested in for an early start in 2015, last year, have also survived the winter in my home made cold frame (!)

I also took the opportunity to use this time when the plot was (mostly) empty to create some more raised beds.

Now that I have run out of wood I'm going to have to make the last box and save up until next Winter, unless I find some more planks at the dump (my husband won't be pleased!)