First Frost & Last Flowers of the Season

To make 6th November before the first of the frost finally hit, seems quite a good run to me.  It is now quite cold out and a balmy 14 degrees inside the house, as we hold out against putting on the central heating, just persevering with our wood burning stove for warmth.  Friends and neighbours are keeping us stocked with free wood which is helping.

Now is the moment I start outside and realise it is too late to have all those last Dahlias, Zinnias, Nastursiums which we have been so enjoying picking and bringing indoors.  They brought the warm colours of Autumn into the house and made us feel the warmth of the countries from where they originate.  This was a couple of weeks ago at lunch:

Now I am turning my attention to plans for next year's display and taking inspiration from these bright colours.  I do love Sarah Raven's catalogues which are full of these hot, clashing combinations.  These are my current plans for tulip combinations:

I will remember to re-post pictures of how they all turn out against these as a comparison next year.