Click on the pictures below to see what is in bloom on our plot right now:

Our season tends to run from March/April to November - contact us for more specific details.

You can view examples of the flowers we put together in bouquets, posies and display arrangements here. 


Because we are based in England we are subject to these climate conditions which mean that all of the flowers which we grow are seasonal and start to bloom around March time.  We are able to buy in English-grown Cornish Daffodils and Narcissi at this early stage in the year before our own plot is yet producing.

But there is some good news about growing in England - because it means we can grow old favourites like Sweet Peas, which importers find hard to transport vast distances due to their fragile petals.  Sweet Peas need the cold of our climate to thrive!


May is when our plot really starts to come into its own with loads of beautiful garden blooms starting to overflow our beds.



The season starts to slow down around the beginning of November, but until then we usually have large quantities of stunning Dahlias to pick every say up to the first frosts.