The Return of Twig & Fig

Our regular readers may remember we have been taking some time off the last few months to put our feet up (and give birth!)  You'll be pleased to learn I had a little boy, who we named Bertie, and he will be my new assistant at some of the future markets this year! 

As you know Spring has been delayed this year, so we will have lots of new season jams once the first English strawberries appear (imminently), along with and elderflowers, rhubarb, currants and more... I have got hold of some English strawberries which have been grown under cover and are hence ripe a bit earlier than those in the fields - jars are limited so please make contact if you would like some of this heavenly jam.  

We grow our own rhubarb here on our organic plot and have also therefore started harvesting for the favourite strawberry and rhubarb jam too... we should have this ready in time for the next Maidenhead Farmer's Market.

Over the winter I also acquired some of the world's hottest chilli powder!  As chilli-heads will know this little beauty is the Carolina Reaper which is extraordinarily powerful at 2,200,000 scovilles and must not be given to children (as if you would).  Not for the faint hearted we have therefore launched a new product - Reaper's Revenge Chilli Jam and one of our regular customers had this to say about it: 

Had a taste of your Reaper Chilli Jam- Delish - my mouth is still tingling with warmth and fire and its taken a good 15 minutes to calm down.  For me the balance is just perfect!
— Graham Y