On The Map!

As our regular readers will know we have had rather a good year for Sweet Peas and consequently our crop has been abundant and lush.  

We set about trying to find another Florist outlet looking for wholesale supply - and we found one in London!  This means we have the opportunity to work with an admirable and prestigious organisation and hopefully also pick up some tricks of the trade, contacts and ideas / feedback on the quality of our flowers... Here's our first delivery:

Gooseberries Galore !

The purple Gooseberries have started to fruit! They look so beautiful in the rain, with their prickles all collecting the droplets on them.   Likewise they look like a rich summer pudding when the sunlight shines through the berries and you see their claret red colour.  

If you are interested snap up our aromatic Elderflower and Gooseberry Jam at the next Farmers' Market because we only have a few jars as there is a limited amount of fruit.

My great aunt Rose had a patch of Raspberry canes in her garden which she decided to ditch.  I said I'd take them as I hate to see a plant thrown away (! one of my faults) and put them in with my Raspberry patch.  Maybe it is their gratitude at this salvation or just the good weather and steady odd downpours, but the fruit just keeps on coming.  I am about to be excitedly stirring up some new Raspberry-themed jams...