You don't always get what you want... (and sometimes that is a good thing!)

All the palaver of autumn-digging; winter-storing; season-long feeding with oodles of manure, sea weed and getting the position -just right- ALL becomes worth it when the Dahlias come into bloom!

In the darkening days of early Winter, way back when I placed my tuber order with my supplier, I spent several days choosing some new varieties and colours to blend well with my existing plants.  Of course, some of them were incorrectly labelled at the suppliers and have come up The Wrong Colour!  But it turns out I don't mind because who could fail to love the striking colours and shapes of almost any dahlia!

I have been preparing the flowers and arranging them into bundles for sale.  Dahlia blooms do not have a fragrance (as Crysanthemums do) but when you cut them their sap smells wonderful and aromatic... Here are a few of the different types we have been growing - cactus, pom poms, and dinner-plates -