Spring Fling

The plot is waking up!  We've been busy getting the vegetables in while we wait for the weather to warm up so we can sow flower seeds... although this April has been unseasonably warm :)


We have now prepared all the sweet pea beds and frames and the Spencer varieties are in the ground (see below).  This weekend the old fashioned mix went in - here's to a fragrant summer!

(Above) - the dahlias are getting their heads up, enjoying the sunshine.  There are more pots of them in the greenhouse ...  as we are short on space, it will be time for them to go in the ground soon.  But knowing the good old English climate, they'll be swaddled with a fleece coat until the threat of frosts is past.

Bishop of Llandaff

The Bishop of Llandaff is raring to go... it has beautiful dark foliage which is why the shoots are pink.