The First Year of Selling What We Grew

I had been thinking of ways to justify the many hours and days I'm joyously compelled to spend outside, and decided to give Market stall-holding a try, after visiting Beaconsfield Old Town Market last year.  Little did I know what a wonderful opportunity this would turn out to be!

Massive thanks are due to Joseph, aka Mr Bath Soft Cheese who has graciously allowed me to share his stall, which means I can continue to attend the Markets without having the outlay of buying a canopy and tables, weights and awnings.  One day I will hopefully have the capital (and vehicle) l to transport my own.

Paperwhites and christmas wreathes.jpg

By December we nearly sold out of a lot of our small batches of home made jams, and had great success with the savoury jellies to serve with meats and cold cuts, like Crab Apple infused with clove; Plum jelly; and Vintage Quince jelly.  I also sold out of our Christmas special Spiced Cranberry Sauce.  We also took several orders for hand made Christmas wreathes and table centres as festive decorations.

Damsons and plums.jpg